Artificial Intelligence - Project


The bone of this project is the definition of AI which is in the following pagers:

AI - What is this
   November'2000 (Bulgarian and Italian translations are available, some discussions were made about this paper.)

AI - How it copes in arbitrary world

Testing AI in One Artificial World
   June'2005 (represented at KDS 05, Volume 2, Section 4, p.461)

Formal Definition of AI
   October'2005 (published in IJ ITA, Volume 12, Number 3, p.277)

Parallel between definition of chess playing program and definition of AI

Two fundamental problems connected with AI
   June'2007 (represented at KDS 07, Volume 2, p.667)

Second Attempt to Build a Model of the Tic-Tac-Toe Game
   June'2008 (represented at KDS 08), published in IBS ISC, Book 2, p.146

The Definition of AI in Terms of Multi Agent Systems (Bulgarian translation is available)
   December'2008, we will try to publish this paper in Serdica Journal of Computing

One talk about the Artificial Intelligence
   August 5, 2009, Contributed talk given at Logic Colloquium 2009

Comparison between the two definitions of AI (Bulgarian translation is available)
   January 9, 2013
   This article was offered to Minds & Machines but publication was denied. My interpretation is that they did not wish to admit that they have allowed a case of plagiarism in their magazine, and instead chose to protect the plagiarists.

Giving the AI definition a form suitable for engineers (Bulgarian translation is available)
   April 3, 2013

The algorithm of the Thinking machine (Bulgarian translation is available)
   May 12, 2016 (More details)

Incorrect Moves and Testable States (Bulgarian translation is available)
   April 20, 2017 (More details)

How does the AI understand what's going on (Bulgarian translation is available)
   September 22, 2017

At the moment I am writing my dissertation which title is Description of the AI algorithm.

AI - Project include not only theoretical part but also some applications:

Strawberry Prolog
   The most developed part of AI - Project is this prolog compiler. It has a complete programme environment and it contains many programs which are in the connection with AI - Project. For example in Strawberry Prolog you can find some tests for intelligence which are made on the base of these artificial worlds which are described in our definition of AI.

Strawberry Prolog

Here there are two simple program experiments:

First and oldest application
   It was made in 1993. This application is one simple program which can catch dependencies. This give to this program the possibility to guess infinite rows and to predict how they will continue.

Generator of simple implications
   It was made in 2001 and published in 2008.

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